Queenstown based Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Breathing dreams like air

— F Scott Fitzgerald.

For breakers of rules, for lovers of adventure. For runaways, love drunks and mountain climbers. For those willing to hitch up their skirt and get mud on their high heels. Let’s go where the raw beauty of the landscape is matched only by the raw beauty of true love.  I capture extraordinary moments. A wedding photographer, yes. A traditionalist, never.

Beyond schedules, speeches and sequins, there is emotion. It lingers in the light and the shadow. It is a moment stolen and a connection made. On your most intimate of days, I will walk alongside you and seize that moment.  Come, let’s take a journey. Into the wildest day of your life.

Dawn Thomson is a creative wedding and portrait photographer based in the untamed mountains of Glenorchy, New Zealand not far from Queenstown.

Creativity before convention. Find out how I work.