beautiful girl with long blonde hair standing on glenorchy jetty staring away from the camera across the lakebeautiful girl with long blonde hair standing on a jetty looking straight into the camera for fundraiser photographsfather and daughter kiss showing his love for for supporting himbeautiful girl looking out to her side standing on the glenorchy jettyside by side photo of girl before and after shaving her head to fundraise for new zealand cancer societygirl looking straight into the camera smiling and wearing a white teeshirt for the new zealand cancer societybeautiful girl with shaved head standing on the glenorchy jetty looking over her shoulderbeautiful girl with shaved head standing on glenorchy jetty looking off to the distanceAs a Queenstown family and wedding photographer I don’t often find the opportunity to photograph for fundraisers.  When a good friend of mine contacted me to share Hannah’s story, I almost jumped down the phone to volunteer my services to photograph Hannah’s fundraising journey for the New Zealand Cancer Society.  It would be difficult to find a person who has not been touched in some way by this terrible disease…family, friends, loved ones, work colleagues…it seems to be everywhere and most of us feel somewhat at a loss to know how to help.  Hannah’s father is one man who has seen his fair share of battles with this disease.  He has battled this disease on 3 separate occasions and  I am so happy to share that he is currently in the clear.  John’s daughter Hannah decided she wanted to do more to help not only her father but the many others in New Zealand who’s lives have been touched by cancer.  So Hannah launched ‘Hannah’s shave for Cancer’, she set a date to shave her head in Timaru and her goal was to raise $10,000 for the New Zealand Cancer Society.  I caught up with Hannah a week out from her shave to photograph her and John together, as a family united in support of one another and to capture their love for one another despite all odds.  Hannah’s father could not be more proud of his daughter and it was such an honor to meet this beautiful girl and help to share and support her story.  We caught up following her fundraiser and I am happy to announce that Hannah not only reached her fundraising goal…she exceeded it and the amount is still climbing.  Hannah’s body language was different in her second session, she exuded a strength and confidence that was not there before, she is making a difference in this battle.  We quite often think that as one person we cannot make a difference but as one or as a community we are strong and we can make a difference, it just takes motivation, love and intent.  Hannah is has been a privilege to meet you and your family and I wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors, you are an inspiration x

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