If you don’t rush, if you breathe deep, connection happens.  A moment that is easily missed; an unguarded moment.  These are the moments I capture.  When our feelings play on the surface and tell a story more divine than any staged moment could.



Light, shadows and emotion are how I create a mood.  With a perfect natural landscape, nostalgic light and playful shadows the emotions that lie just below the surface shine through.  When we forget about the schedule for the day or the stress we are left with what is real.

When capturing beautiful weddings I like to draw on my background in editorial, portrait and fine art photography.  This fusion creates a stylised sense of composition and use of light to create artful imagery that is raw and emotive.

Featured in: Together Journal, White Magazine, Hello May, Wild Hearts Magazine, Rock N Roll Bride, Paper + Lace, Polka Dot Bride, Nouba and Off Beat Bride.