Dawn Thomson Photography self portrait in black and white

Photographer for creative, romantic and intimate weddings in the wild.


A bit about me.

I have always been an observer. I have always sought beauty in the ordinary and noticed the unnoticed. I delight at that moment when someone lets their guard down, when we truly connect with another.

A wedding, an engagement or an elopement is the ultimate moment of connection. And there is no better situation to see all these magical moments play out. To me, this doesn’t feel like work. I am humbled to share raw moments of love, laughter and tears.


Glenorchy, at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand has been my home since 2005. I share this place of outstanding natural beauty with my husband, our beautiful daughter and super-friendly Staffy, Quinn. As a local, I am awestruck by the majesty of the landscapes that surround me. As a photographer, I am compelled to put people amongst those wild landscapes and capture the result. When a wedding is set amongst such natural beauty, you unlock the full range of emotions. Sometimes we find stillness, sometimes we find exhilaration, but mostly we find something that words can’t describe.


My photographic experience covers editorial, portrait and fine art photography. But my passion is wedding photography. Especially the non-conforming kind. Destination weddings, creative weddings, small weddings, elopements and engagements allow us to throw convention to the wind and focus on what really matters.

My studies in photography and art in Australia and New Zealand have provided a formal education that shaped my informal eye. I draw on my fine art background to create your wedding story. With a stylised approach to composition, lighting and emotion, I aim to create a subtle blend of creative and documentary style photography. I am an avid consumer of books, music and art. Talk to me about the classic painters and the nostalgia and emotion of their work and we could talk all day. This genre has been a significant influence on my style.

I do adventurous wedding photography in Glenorchy, Queenstown and travel to weddings throughout New Zealand and Australia. I work with clients looking for unique destination weddings and elopements or something special like helicopters, teepees or cosy backyard weddings.

How I Work


If you don’t rush, if you breathe deep, connection happens. A moment that is easily missed; an unguarded moment. These are the moments I capture. When our feelings play on the surface and tell a story more divine than any staged moment could.

I like to keep my wedding and portrait sessions informal and relaxed. It’s a blend of spontaneous moments and purposeful posing. I am there to give gentle direction and helpful observation.

This is your most special of days, and I am there to enjoy the moment with you. We create a safe space that allows you to be yourself, and not be shy of the camera. I am your photographer, but I will become your friend. I may also become your hiking buddy.

In the light and shadow

This is how I create a mood. With a perfect natural landscape, nostalgic light and playful shadows, the emotions that lie just below the surface shine through. When we forget about the schedule for the day or the stress, we are left only with what’s real.


I LOVE to go on an adventure with couples. To get off the beaten track, to lose track of time. In wild locations, we can create unique moments.

A destination wedding or elopement is an opportunity to put you amongst the landscapes. So, let’s go for an adventure!


If you want to make your wedding or elopement meaningful rather than just following tradition, then we are the perfect match. If you are free-spirited, creative and don’t mind hitching up your skirt, magic moments await.

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